Friday, December 17, 2010

Fall 2010 Finals

Out of my 4 classes this semester, I have two hard finals. Storyboarding, and Maya 1.

Here's my final for my Storyboarding class. The Leftovers
Description: Take your storyboard drawings and bring them into After Effects and animate them. Concentrate on the timing of each panel, while adding some sound effects. Pencil only for the story!

Here's my Maya final. Sheep Gig
Description: Model, texture, rig, and animate your character and its environment in Maya then export as a quicktime movie. I had problems with this render. The file is so huge (2320 frames = 1min 36 seconds) that it was going to take me 27 hours to render it. So I divided the render into 3 sections on 3 different computers. That is why there are 3 completely different lighting/background changes in this version.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cool Animation/Art Stuff!

Awesomely Creepy!!! But seriously, this animation and vfx is AMAZING!!! 'Loom' by Polynoid

The artwork of Bill Robinson! very cool!

Artwork of Brittney Lee. She has a colorful unique style. She illustrated a picture book for Tangled

Her work was featured in 3 out of the 4 communication arts design annual magazines. She works primarily with paper. Awesome!

Cool first person Mario Brothers animation!

So this is the website of a teacher at AAU, whose class I've actually never taken (haha) and also I've only briefly met once. But my sister had him and sent me his website link. He's the ILM visual effect director!!! Cool site, busy yet surprisingly organized. I did find one link didn't work and that there was a typo...oh well.

This video is awesome! It's a VFX student project. Built in Maya. Has great lighting and texturing!  I can't find the making of video though... 

So this is the VFX reel for the Black Swan movie. Pretty cool!

So this one is a fun Pixar parody.

Sushi vs. Chinese Loaf.

Everyone knows who Jessica Rabbit is right? The sexy cartoon character...anyways, ever wonder what she would look like not as a cartoon? Here ya go! Make sure to check out his website too to see more untoons.

This is Victor Vinyal's character animation rigging reel. It's awesome!

This is in Korean. But his work is so good! His name is 김승민, Kim SeungMin. I guess he works primarily with 3DSMax (at least that's what my Korean friends said...)
Click links on the left to see some of his other works.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Inspiration drawings

So I don't have a lot to put in here yet. But I'll upload more after Thanksgiving break.

John Bolton copy. 9x12" pencil.

to be continued...

The Madness!

Here's just some of the storyboard sketches I've done so wonder I don't have a social life :P

So they may be hard to see, because I draw almost everything on tracing paper. 

Also, here are some of my notes/sketches for each different story/concept. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bernie Wrightson

So for my Storyboarding class, we were required to research a specific artist. I got Bernie Wrightson. He was a big comic book artist in the 60s-70s, drawing Spiderman, Batman, and characters for the Punisher and so on. Here are a couple drawings I did of Bernie Wrightson's work. Enjoy.

Sound Specific

Sound Landscape. Assignment was to create an event using sound.

I don't remember the exact title to this piece. But our assignment had us get use to Logic Pro by creating a mp3 that had a beginning, middle, and end.

This assignment we took a 30 second movie clip of our choice, removed the sound, and added our own soundtrack to it. I chose a scene from the movie Ninja Assassin.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Motion Graphics

The assignment was to redesign the Twitter bird while making a 10 second animation that sums up what Twitter is all about: Tweet anywhere, anytime, about anything.

The Waking Artist: Opening Credits from Jina Bolton on Vimeo.
For our motion graphics class, our team was instructed to create opening credits for the short film, The Waking Artist.

We shot original photography that reflected various scenes throughout the film. The visual design is inspired by the way we see things when we are sleepy/waking.

These are the storyboards I designed for this project.  
 Here is a really old After Effect project I did. This is the first one I ever created. Assignment was to take two opposite words and animate them. 


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My graduate work

18x24" Charcoal drawing. 

24x18" Charcoal drawing. Copy of Prud'hon

18x24" Charcoal drawing. In class study of a cloth

18x24" Charcoal drawing. Copy of Prud'hon

18x24" Charcoal drawing of Lucille Ball. 

18x24" Charcoal drawing. Copy of Rembrandt

18x24" Charcoal drawing. In class work

 18x24" Charcoal drawing of a classmate.